Our product portfolio contains a wide range of products, spanning from retro-fit to state-of-the-art.

By providing high-grade German engineering we will make the world a better place to live in.

We develop solar-powered off-grid technology systems for people with no access to the electricity network.

By blending German manufacturing quality with Chinese operational excellence, the DK GROUP strives for technological leadership in their markets. Our goal is to establish a worldwide awareness and market presence for our brands and products. Therefore, we are engaging our customers emotionally with the German seal of excellence and also with unique design, marketing and customer experience concepts.




CURVE Air Purifier

Clean and pleasant air in your car!

Long duration of action of up to 3 months

Neutralizes odors instead of masking them

8 cubic meters effective area

Fits in cup holders

Works without power - no cables or batteries

Available in 7 trendy colors



DK GROUP is a globally acting company with a distinct Far East expertise.

By constantly developing new products, we are fulfilling the respective needs of our customers. Thanks to our quality management, our products not only have been certified by major institutions but also have been awarded with numerous patents.

With our medical pro­ducts we help people to lead a healthy life. The product range extends from medi­cal respiratory masks, in­telli­gent and com­pact measuring and body analysis devices to inno­vative germicidal UVC lamps.

Founded when the first LED pro­ducts entered the market, our pro­duct port­folio now includes more than 200 pro­ducts. It ranges from retrofit pro­ducts to state-of-the-art luminaires and off-grid lighting so­lutions.

With our high-quality off-grid lighting systems, we will take LED lighting to the next level. We offer off-grid so­lutions such as solar-powered street lamps as well as efficient lighting systems for people with­out electric lighting.

The brand looks back on a success­ful pro­duct range in con­sumer elec­tronics: Plasma/LCD tele­visions, DVD players, home cinema and sound systems. With sales offices in Paris, Milan and London, several pro­ducts achieved market leader­ship and won various awards.

42 years of ex­perience in strategy and market develop­ment, product develop­ment, set-up of pro­duction facilities, fully supply chain manage­ment and our excellent inter­national network form the foundation of DK Consulting. We trans­form business into success.